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Moulds Event 2021 - Opening Session

22 November

Opening session of with distinguished speakers in our Industry and the participation of the Deputy Minister of Economy and the Director of the European Innovation Council/DG Research and Innovation.


22 November

RPD 2021 is an international conference with experts in the areas of Green and Digital Transition of Industry

Talentum Days - Techi9

23 - 25 November

TALENTUM DAYS will discuss the impact and the need to integrate new skills and advanced knowledge in organizations, as well as the value of talent in the framework of the Industry.

R&D+i Seminars

23 - 25 November

Seminars on ongoing Research, Development and Innovation projects within the "Engineering & Tooling" cluster.

BTEN webinar

24 November

Digital Transformation in Industry 4.0. Trends, Process Automation, Impact on Productivity and Profitability, Digitization Tools - Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and New Business Models.


26 November

The International Conference "Moldes Portugal 2021" is a forum for reflection and debate on main trends and perspectives for the development of Moulds and Special Tooling Industry, worldwide.

23 November

The International Conference "Mexico visits Portugal" is a forum to take advantage of the synergies generated by the exchange of experiences between the industries of the two countries.

Proveedor Automotriz 2021

23 - 25 November

Opportunity for companies in the “Engineering & Tooling” cluster to participate in bilateral meetings with customers from the automotive industry, within the scope of the international event “Proveedor Automotive 2021”, in Mexico.

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Mold vs Mould - what's the difference?

Mold vs Mould - what's the difference?

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